Professional photographer in Venice

Venice is a city were my Venice surprise proposal photographer, engagement photosession in Venice and wedding photographer in Venice business is based, I fully understand the couples that choose this lovely framework for their wedding or for a romantic weekend.

Beyond the photographic service and the support in finding the best places and the best timing for you images help can be provided in finding a professional local make up artist.

Services offered as a photographer in Venice

So most of my clients are couples, and services are

  • Before the wedding: suprise proposals, engagement photshoots, and just vacation photography
  • The actualy wedding in Venice: elopments, civil wedding and huge church wedding receptions
  • After the wedding: honeymoons, family photography and vovs renewal

A smaller but relevant part of my services is for individuals:

  • portrait photography: Many different kinds of images for the same definition of portrait photography. private ones, or business related ones for musicians and dancers
  • fashion photography.

Remote photography

this is my favorite take out of the whole pandemic situation: it is finally possible to hire the eye and the brain of a photographer you like ignoring the physical location, some restrictions apply but it even grants freedoms that ordinary photography would not fulfill.

I write more about the topic on a page dedicated to virtual and remote photoshoots.


Prices for photography services in Venice

Specific offers will be tailored upon the needs of each client, services range from a 2 hours session to a full day

Getting in contact and discussing your need will be the best starting point:

Luca [email protected]  +39 327 1642982



Makeup and hairstyle

I'll be happy to provide help in the choice of a makeup artist in Venice