Fotografo Professionista a Venezia | portrait photographer in Italy

I'm available for studio shooting but the typical client is a couple having a romantic weekend in Venice or enjoying their honeymoon  looking for lifestyle images that will help telling the story of their journey to those still at home.

A photographic session will include images taken in the hotel and across the city so that while the focus is on the persons portrayed there is an hint of the local architecture.

Images can be delivered in print or more conveniently in high resolution images via internet, normally the images delivered are 20-30 that client can select online in a dedicated proofing gallery.

Short videos can be included in order to create a captivating presentation.

Milan is where I'm based, Venice and Rome are the cities were I'm available as I spent several years in both locations.

I'll be able to present make up artists able to speak fluently the language of the client (English, French or Russian)


Those are the contact details that can be used for any request:

skype: luca.faz
mobile: +39.327.16.42.982


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